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Adjustable Gowns - One Size Fits Most

Step back in time with our Adjustable 3-Piece Civil War Gown - a stunning ensemble that captures the elegance of a bygone era. This set includes a lavish cape, a voluminous skirt, and a versatile sash, all handcrafted in Tennessee. Our adjustable skirts are made with a drawstring to fit most sizes from small to plus size.

Whether you're immersing yourself in Civil War reenactments, embracing Victorian elegance, or stepping into the world of Dickensian Christmas Carolers, these gowns are a perfect choice. Simply add your preferred blouse and underpinnings, and you're ready to transport yourself to another time.
Embrace the beauty of the past with our One Size Fits All gown, designed to accommodate a variety of body shapes through its adjustable skirt with a convenient drawstring.

Please note that Feel free to reach out at 931-239-3434 with any questions before making your purchase. Ensure the fabric aligns with your event's theme, as different fabrics may be suitable for specific occasions.

Revel in the timeless charm of our Adjustable 3-Piece Civil War Gown and make a statement at your next historical event.