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All of the things that make an 1860s ensemble complete. These true to the period Civil War / Victorian accessories allow you to complete your historical or reenactment style in fashion.

If you need a color that is not listed, please call, 931-239-3434, or email us at
Transport yourself to the enchanting world of the 1860s with our exquisite collection of accessories tailored for Civil War dresses and gowns. Our carefully curated selection is designed to complement the grace and sophistication of Civil War era dresses, ensuring that every accessory seamlessly integrates with the historical authenticity of your ensemble. Whether you're seeking the perfect reticule, collar, or bonnet, each piece is crafted to evoke the timeless charm of Civil War women's clothing. Immerse yourself in the elegance of the period with accessories that flawlessly enhance the intricate details and silhouettes of 1860s dresses, from Southern belle gowns to formal day dresses and historical ball gowns.

Discover the allure of Civil War dress patterns and era-specific clothing as you explore our collection of belts, sashes, fans, undersleeves, pinner aprons, and hankies. Each accessory is a nod to the Southern belle dresses and Civil War ball gowns that graced the historical landscape. Elevate your Civil War outfits with meticulously designed pieces that capture the essence of the era, allowing you to step into the past with confidence and style. Whether you're attending a Civil War reenactment, a historical ball, or simply indulging in your love for period fashion, our accessories are the perfect finishing touch for a truly authentic and captivating experience.