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Decorative Design
White Crochet Victorian Collar #6
Decorative Design

White Crochet Victorian Collar #6


Product Details

White Scalloped Crochet Collar

Perfect for Civil War Events, SASS Matches, Dickens Festivals, Old West and Victorian Impressions.

It is made from a white colored, cotton crochet thread.

It is a sort of a scalloped design.

It can close with a broach or add a ribbon as a drawstring, whichever impression that you want to give.

The neck, itself, measures 16.5 inches with a width of 3.5 inches.

Please check neck measurements carefully. Being hand made some are smaller/larger than others.

Shipping on collars is 6.00 with 2.00 for each additional sent at the same time. Should this discount not pull up on checkout, please email us so we may refund the difference.
Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns.
Please call or text us at 931-239-3434 or send an email with any questions. Sometimes we are busy crafting, so please leave a voicemail if we do not answer.