Shimmering Red Christmas Plaid Civil War Cape Set Dress

Shimmering Red Christmas Plaid Civil War Cape Set Dress

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Itís a lovely ensemble for Most any event. It is a 3 piece ensemble consisting of a cape, sash, and a drawstring waist skirt. With drawstring waist, it Fits Most from Small to Plus Size.

The cape is made of red satin, and the skirt is made of a shimmering green and red Christmas plaid, 97% Cotton and 3% lurex(the metallic threads). The sash Is made of a green Bengaline.

The cape is extra full. It is fully lined with Cotton. The cape is Trimmed with yards of green gimp braid.. It closes with Ties matching the skirt fabric.

The sash is a beautiful matching red. Cotton. It is approximately 130 inches from tip to tip.

The skirt is a full 180 inches around. It is approximately 43 inches long, hemmed.

The gown, itself, measures Adjustable from small to however big

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