Olive Green Tonal Civil War Pinner Apron

Olive Green Tonal Civil War Pinner Apron

Item# olive-green-tonal-civil-war-pinner-apron
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Aprons were a must for any lady who worked around the Civil War Camps or Hospitals.

This pinner apron is made of a 100% cotton calico. It is a tonal calico, olive green floral on olive.

It has a bib that uses pins for attachment at the top two corners. It has a nice long skirt and long ties in the back.

The skirt length is about 36 inches long and 44 inches wide. It has a 38 inch waistband with ties that are 44 inches long, each. The bib of the apron is a bit wider than the misses size.

This apron is a plus size.
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